With innovative solutions and a clear vision, we focus on renewable energies and efficient technologies.


Your satisfaction is our priority

We are a dynamic - dedicated team, with several years of experience in the energy sector, specialized mainly in renewable energy.

Foppa.energyinvest works with the highest transparency, extraordinary flexibility, and concentrated know-how to realize your goals. Andreas Foppa has almost 20 years of professional experience in the energy sector in acquisition, project management, and coordination. "Due to our determination, we have been able to build up an excellent, extensive, and sustainable network over the last years, which helps us to realize your ideas through clearly defined process flows."


We have been working successfully with various asset managers for years. On the one hand, to secure access to high-quality assets and, on the other hand, to be able to present a diversified portfolio.

Moreover, we cooperate with renowned national as well as international business consulting, tax, and law firms, which, if desired, perform all due diligence audits on behalf of the client and take over the entire management of your assets, which offers you fiscal advantages.

For new build projects, we have access to a wide range of experienced EPCs and General Contractors, as well as O&M and Asset & Plant Management firms. To complete the package with a 360° service, we work with selected reputable traders to obtain the highest returns in energy sales through long-term PPA's


Through our mature network and qualified partner companies, we can offer you turnkey projects with associated 360° service upon request, which will provide you with long-term returns.

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Our goal is to equip renewable energy with intelligent storage systems.
- Concentrated Solar Power,
- Photovoltaic systems/agrovoltaic systems,
- Wind turbines, hydrogen

Sustainable energy transition

Renewable energy offers clean and ethical investments with market-aligned returns. It is a central pillar of environmentally friendly energy alternatives, countering the significant greenhouse gas emissions (84% of total) generated by fossil fuels.

Energy independence

The aim is to make the national power supply more climate-friendly and at the same time less dependent on energy imports of fossil fuels.

Intelligent Storage Systems

The war in Ukraine and the resulting supply bottlenecks from Russia demonstrate that diversification through green electricity is urgently needed in order to become independent of external influences in terms of energy policy.


Foppa.energyinvest is always actively trying to offer you new investment opportunities. Currently, we are mainly active in Italy, Germany, and Tunisia.